New ERA-NET Plus Action – Infravation



The Infrastructure Innovation Programme (Infravation) supports the development of advanced market-ready products and services for road operation (either on European, North America, national, regional or urban network).

Possible projects should clearly state which road infrastructure part or element the proposed solution applies and which specific problem is solved. Infravation’s scope is divided into 7 challenges (in the proposal should be clear each one is addressed):
  1. Advanced predictive infrastructure performance processes
  2. Enhanced durability and life-time extension
  3. Rapid and non-destructive methods for routine quality and performance checks of materials and construction
  4. Keeping freight routes open through zero-intrusive maintenance
  5. Ensuring infrastructure performance under all weather conditions
  6. Resource and energy efficiency in road construction and maintenance (eco-design)
  7. Virgin material reduction by substitution or recycling

The total available funding for the Call is approx. €9 million and the max funding rates are: Industry and SME: 70% direct costs + 25% flat rate for the Indirect costs; Non-profit legal entities: 100% direct costs + 25% flat rate for the Indirect costs.

The Infravation programme completes the existing international programmes: the EC programmes (on one side) focussing mainly on (high-risk) research and, on the other hand, the ERA-NET road focussing on today’s road authority problems. Infravation sits between the two: the researchers maintain their ownership of the results (e.g. patents) but work more closely under the direction of authorities to ensure that the results are in short terms applicable.

By taking a trans-national approach, Infravation will ensure that the most appropriate expertise is involved in project delivery and enhance the chances of research implementation in all funding nations.

Only countries participating in the programme are allowed to submit proposals (The Netherlands, Denmark, France, Germany, Iceland, Israel, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and USA; plus associated countries). Consortia should consist of at least two of the eligible countries (different and independent organizations); no limit to the maximum number of consortium partners; involvement of industrial partners/infrastructures owners is recommended.

The submission procedure follows a 2-step submission and evaluation procedure. Project duration: appropriate to the subject and type of the research but not exceeding 30 months in total.

  • Restrictions:
    • The funding for applicants from countries that do not contribute to the common funding pot is limited to max one-third of the requested funding of the respective project proposal.
    • The coordinator of project proposals must be established in one of the funding countries.
    • No single applicants may in sum claim more than 70% of the requested total funding of the project
    • Applicants from one country may in sum not claim more than 70% of the requested total funding of the project
    • Maximum amount of requested funding is 1,5 mil. € per proposed project
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